Security as a Quality Gate for DevOps

It’s hardly a controversial statement to say that DevOps is changing the way that organizations build and deploy applications. There’s plenty of material, stories, whitepapers and whole companies that demonstrate this trend. There are, however, a couple of things that make a discussion about security and DevOps important.

First, while there are a lot of organizations that have adopted DevOps tools and processes, there are many, many more that haven’t. In other words, DevOps is still fundamentally an early-stage technological movement. The second reason is that DevOps is set to transform security, and no one is quite sure what that means, though there are a lot of opinions on the topic.

Read why Tim Erlin, VP of Product Management & Strategy at Tripwire, believes that any DevSecOps discussion should start by looking at the pervasive industry problems, and learn what these problems are, on Tripwire.