Secret global government surveillance: I’ll spy for you, if you spy for me

If you care about privacy and human rights, then information from a new report about secret global surveillance networks and the sharing of intelligence between governments is not good at all. In fact, the sharing of surveillance with intelligence and other governments is so “alarmingly under-regulated” that it is ripe for human right abuses. Privacy International pointed out that it’s not just your government potentially holding sensitive information about you, but other governments scattered across the globe.

Most intelligence sharing agreements are kept secret, not just from the public, but also from some countries’ oversight bodies. Without proper safeguards in place, “states can use intelligence sharing as a way of outsourcing surveillance to each other, bypassing any constraints and limits on their own intelligence gathering — in effect, [they’re saying,] ‘I’ll spy for you, if you spy for me.’”

Read more about the alarming findings of the new report from Privacy International on CSO.


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