Research suggests cybersecurity skills shortage is getting worse

Each year, ESG does an annual global survey on the state of IT — the business value of IT, new IT initiatives, areas of concern, etc. This year’s research is based upon a survey of 620 IT and cybersecurity professional across all industries, with respondents working in North America and Western Europe.

ESG asks respondents to identify areas in which they have a “problematic shortage” of skills on an annual basis. Once again in 2018, survey respondents say cybersecurity represents the biggest area where their organizations have a problematic shortage of cybersecurity skills.

Based upon ESG research, other industry research, and lots of discussions with CISOs and cybersecurity professionals, CSO’s Jon Oltsik concludes that the cybersecurity skills shortage is getting worse.

Read why Jon Oltsik thinks that, given the dangerous threat landscape and a relentless push toward digital transformation, this means the cybersecurity skills shortage represents an existential threat to developed nations that rely on technology as the backbone of their economy, critical infrastructure, and society at large on CSO.

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