Not all malware is created equal

Lastline’s Q4 2017 Malscape Monitor Report delivers previously unavailable trends and actionable insights into malicious behaviors and how threats unfold. Reflecting the objects analyzed in the last quarter of 2017, the report found that enterprises use over a 100 different file types every day to do business, with malware prevalent in over 40 different MIME types. Security systems must be equally good at analyzing and detecting malicious intent across a wide range of file types.

One in every 500 objects that Lastline analyzed after they were released by existing security controls was malicious. Consider the volume of emails your organization receives and web pages that employees view to estimate the possible volume of malware that’s entering your network. Can you detect a malicious file for which a signature doesn’t exist? Two out of every three malicious files that Lastline analyzed were not submitted to VirusTotal. Your company will be the first one to receive that particular file. Can you detect it?

Read more about the findings of Lastline’s Q4 2017 Malscape Monitor Report on Help Net Security.

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