Nation’s Cybersecurity Strategy Should Be Easy To Understand

At CTOvision, Bob Gourley of OODA writes that the 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy Should Be:

  1. The Department of Justice, working with the DHS, will support every federal, state and local law enforcement organization in the U.S. in enhancing anti-cyber crime activities. This includes providing local law enforcement organizations with information they need for informing all citizens and businesses in their jurisdictions on the nature of the cyber threat and prudent mitigation strategies. This approach is the only scalable way to give our citizens and businesses the protective information they need.
  2. The Federal Government will become the exemplar of optimal cyber defense, proving even large organizations can mitigate threats and enhance technology support to mission outcomes while reducing IT spend. We will do this through leadership, with every leader in the executive branch, including the chief executive, taking responsibility for outcomes. In doing this we will leverage the lessons learned from decades of cybersecurity reviews. We know what must be done and will do it.
  3. The executive branch will accelerate the exchange of best practices and lessons learned and will take continuous action to assist industry, academia, non-profits and all free nations in their responsibilities to defend themselves in cost-effective ways. The U.S. government will encourage all to understand best practices and avoid negligent behaviors in cyber security, and will work with the legislative branch to improve the legal regime governing responsible behavior and norms as required.

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