Mysterious cyber worm targets medical systems, is found on X-ray machines and MRI scanners

A newly discovered cybercriminal group is installing custom malware onto the systems of organisations in healthcare and related sectors in order to conduct corporate espionage. These targeted attacks are carried out against a small number of selected organisations as well as the supply chains which serve them, with the tactics and use of custom malware suggesting the attacks are the work of an a cybercriminal group working for its own ends – not that of a government.

Uncovered by researchers at Symantec, the previously unknown group dubbed Orangeworm is installing custom malware known as ‘Kwampirs’ onto the systems of large international corporations across the US, Europe and Asia – with a particular focus on healthcare, with 40 percent of victims operating in the sector. Other prominent targets include those in the technology and manufacturing sectors. The group is thought to have been active since late 2015.

Read more about the newly discovered cybercriminal group on ZDNet.

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