Kaspersky: Accidental DDoS attacks among top threats

While most DDoS attacks in the last quarter of 2017 were politically motivated sabotage or trending attempts to profit on the soaring price of bitcoin as well as grow the size of botnets before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not all were about making money or causing trouble.

At least one massive DDoS attack was the result of an accident due to developer error. After the Lethic spambot was modified, it created a ton of junk traffic requests to non-existent domains, and the ensuing massive DDoS attack was an accidental side effect. Also, Kaspersky Lab’s DDoS intelligence quarterly report found that although law enforcement was originally thought to be behind massive, well-coordinated attacks on deep web marketplaces, attacks launched in early December made it clear that “it was a […] cyberwar between drug cartels.”

The good news is that both the number and duration of DDoS attacks went down in the fourth quarter despite fact that the percentage of attacks aimed at the top 10 countries grew slightly from Q3. Q4 DDoS attacks spotted by Kaspersky were aimed at targets in 84 countries, which is down from 98 countries in Q3.

Read more about the findings of Kaspersky Lab’s DDoS intelligence quarterly report on CSO.

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