Is The C-Suite Exempt From Cyber-Crime Anxiety?

If recent cyber-attacks are anything to go by, cyber-criminals are capable of causing colossal damage to organisations of all sizes. With vital public services such as the NHS succumbing to attacks, it seems that nothing is off the table when it comes down to cyber-criminals deciding who to target. However, according to some reports, the C-suite isn’t sweating over the potential of an attack or the financial fallout if such an attack is successful.

According to Greg Sim, CEO at Glasswall Solutions, business leaders must think beyond simply signing off budgets for safeguarding software and physical hardware. They must also consider the financial consequences of a potential attack, including the seemingly far-fetched but increasingly likely concept of paying a ransom to regain access to systems in the control of cyber-criminals, or to release data that cyber-criminals have swiped from their systems.

Read more about why Greg Sim believes the increasingly likely event of a cyber-attack should become a talking point at board level on Information Security Buzz.

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