An Internet of Things ‘crime harvest’ is coming unless security problems are fixed

Internet of Things product manufacturers must get their act together and secure their devices or they risk creating new ways for wrongdoers to commit crimes, a senior UK police officer has warned.

“All new technologies, all changes in the way that society is ordered — particularly if it is technology — always has a crime harvest. So, when cars were invented, people started drink-driving and stealing cars and it’s exactly the same with the Internet of Things,” the chief constable said, interviewed in a report on Internet of Things security by F-Secure. “The issue here is not they are being stolen, but that they are being used as the mechanism by which people can commit crime.”

While there are benefits from the Internet of Things in homes, workplaces, industry, transport, and more, the rapid proliferation of connected devices has often appeared to come at the cost of cybersecurity. The race by companies to be the first to market with IoT products often means they fail to implement even basic security measures in their products.

Read more about the risk of IoT devices connected to a home or corporate network providing a pathway for hackers to gain access to other systems and personal data on ZDNet.

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