What is the impact and likelihood of global risks?

The World Economic Forum, a not-for-profit foundation that each year gathers participants from around the world to discuss a wide range of global issues, has published its yearly Global Risks Report. Based on the opinions of almost 1,000 global experts and decision-makers, the top 5 global risks in 2018 in terms of likelihood are extreme weather events, natural disasters, cyber attacks, data fraud or theft, and failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation.

Cyber attacks and data fraud or theft failed to enter the top 5 global risks in 2018 in terms of impact (environmental risks mostly took those spots), but cyber threats are growing in prominence, while rising cyber-dependency is ranked as the second most significant driver shaping the global risks landscape over the next 10 years.

According to John Drzik, President of Marsh Global Risk and Digital, geopolitical friction is contributing to a surge in the scale and sophistication of cyber attacks, and at the same time, cyber exposure is growing as firms are becoming more dependent on technology.

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