I Still WannaCry One Year Later

In May 2017 the biggest ransomware attack in history broke out. Known as “WannaCry,” the now infamous ransomware spread like wildfire, affecting PCs around the world. One year on, the same malware – which exploits the EternalBlue vulnerability – is still prevalent.

Avast has detected and blocked more than 176 million WannaCry attacks in 217 countries since the initial attack. And in March 2018, Avast blocked 54 million attacks attempting to abuse EternalBlue. Given the publicity around the attacks, it could be assumed that people and businesses would have completed their system updates. However, according to Ondrej Vlcek, CTO at Avast, data from his organization shows that nearly one third (29%) of Windows-based PCs globally are still running with the vulnerability in place.

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