Healthcare industry: Attacks outpacing investments in personnel, education and resources

The 2018 Impact of Cyber Insecurity on Healthcare Organizations study examines the myriad of cybersecurity-related challenges and how organizations are (or are not) addressing them. Results show the security stakes are high, with 62 percent of the 627 executives surveyed admitting to experiencing an attack in the past 12 months, and more than half losing patient data as a result.

According to publicly available data, breaches in the last year hit a new all-time high. Of five industries tracked, the Medical/Healthcare industry last year accounted for more than 23 percent of total breaches in 2017, resulting in the exposure of more than five million patient records. Only the business sector saw more successful attacks, with HCOs following second for the fourth year running.

Notably, organizations surveyed are equally concerned with external attacks (63 percent) as they are with employee negligence or malicious insiders (64 percent). And what are the bad guys after? When asked, respondents highlighted: patient medical records (77 percent), patient billing information (56 percent), log-in credentials (54 percent), passwords and other authentication credentials (49 percent), clinical trial and other research information (45 percent).

Read more about the findings of the 2018 Impact of Cyber Insecurity on Healthcare Organizations study on Help Net Security.

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