Happy New Year: Here Are Five Suggestions To Reduce Your Digital Risk


This is the time of year when we think about change and make lists of resolutions to keep in the new year. As you think of your resolution list we have five topics for you to consider:

1. Use a managed DNS service at home and office: This can help prevent accidental navigation to websites that have been taken over by malicious actors and contain bad code. It can also help stop communications from malicious code in your systems back to their control sites.

2. Use two factor authentication for every account: There is no such thing as a silver bullet in cyber defense, but this is one of the most important things you can do. If an account does not offer multi-factor authentication, consider closing it.

3. Use a password manager (like Dashlane): We all have too many passwords to remember. A good password manager like Dashlane can help you keep them all up to date and secure and can also make your online life easier.

4. Update operating system and applications: Keeping your operating systems and applications patched reduces many risks.

5. Sign up for the daily at ThreatBrief.com: You can review the latest threat information in just a few minutes each morning. The threat is dynamic and the Threat Brief will help inform your decision-making by keeping you up to date.