This hacking gang just updated the malware it uses against UK targets

A notorious hacking group is targeting the UK with an updated version of malware designed to embed itself into compromised networks and stealthily conduct espionage.

Both the Neuron and Nautilus malware variants have previously been attributed to the Turla advanced persistent threat group, which regularly carries out cyber-espionage against a range of targets, including government, military, technology, energy, and other commercial organisations. Within the last year, the group appears to have been particularly focusing on diplomatic targetsincluding consulates and embassies.

Primarily targeting Windows mail servers and web servers, the Turla group deploys specially-crafted phishing emails to compromise targets in attacks that deploy Neuron and Nautilus in conjunction with the Snake rootkit.

Read more about the Turla advanced persistent threat group, which uses these techniques to gain persistent network access on compromised systems, providing covert access to sensitive data or the ability to use the system as a gateway for carrying out further attacks, on ZDNet.

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