Global Threat Assessment Based on Testimony By Intelligence Community Leaders

We have just produced a reference designed to help corporate risk managers and other decision-makers rapidly review high level assessments of the global threat to business interests. We call this document our Global Threat Assessment.

Some features of our assessment:

  • It is short, allowing you to review succinct assessments in just a few minutes
  • It is full of actionable information, helping you decide where you may need additional information prior to making a key decision
  • It is based on highly reliable sources, the open testimony of leaders of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

This is a foundational assessment that is not as timely as our daily reporting and not tailored in any way to any particular industry or function. Contact us if you would like a more tailored report.

We will continue to update this report as required, and would appreciate your continued feedback to help us meet your needs.

See the full report at the Global Threat Assessment.



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