Four wireless standards hackers will target after Wi-Fi

When any new communication medium for sharing information emerges, it’s often quickly followed by those committed to hacking it. This natural progression is unfortunately very predictable: groups of skilled experts form to explore vulnerabilities; they share ideas, code, tools and more. After a while, that small group balloons into a full-blown community that’s equipped with easy-to-use graphical hacking toolkits and hundreds of instructional resources online. Suddenly, hacks that used to require years of experience are now widely available to anyone with a few hours to burn on YouTube and the willingness to download shady software tools.

Wi-Fi is a great example of this hacking progression. In fact, Ryan Orsi, Director of Product Management at WatchGuard Technologies, believes the Wi-Fi hacking community has now reached critical mass. When you factor in the easy availability of pre-built hacking tools and software defined radios, he believes that we’ll see wireless hacking move beyond Wi-Fi to target other protocols.

Read which four wireless communications standards that are common, have value and can be easily attacked with new SDR tools, will be some of the prime targets for wireless hacking in the near future according to Ryan Orsi, on Help Net Security.


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