How to ensure your IT and security teams stay aligned amid digital transformation

Even for sensitive industries, the movement to cloud-based technologies is generally accepted as a cost-effective and efficient infrastructure strategy and immediate priority. The migration to more agile products are occuring in nearly every department and physical security is no exception. New technologies make it possible for video surveillance data to shift from on-premise to the cloud, and provide additional insights to support larger digital transformation goals. In order to succeed, however, CIOs will need to unify the previously disparate physical security and IT teams to support a common business goal.

Both IT and security professionals have their company’s best interests in mind, but it can be difficult to reconcile two teams working at conflicting speeds and competing priorities. IT teams are seeking efficiency and lower total cost of ownership for technologies while security teams prioritize safety and asset protection.

Read more about why IT and security teams work independently and how you can inspire productive cooperation from these teams with individual agendas to guarantee a secure cloud migration while also ensuring that physical security remains intact, on Help Net Security.

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