Cyber security: Nation-state cyber attacks threaten everyone, warns ex-GCHQ boss

The dynamics of cyber warfare have changed so dramatically that nation-state attacks are now a problem everyone needs to face up to, the former head of the UK’s intelligence agency has warned. “Five years ago we were aware of nation-state attacks but we would’ve seen them as something that only a nation-state needs to worry about. Today they’re a problem for everybody, as we’ve seen over the last year,” said Robert Hannigan, who served as director general of GCHQ from 2014 to 2017.

Those cyber campaigns blamed on nation-states in the last year include the WannaCry ransomware outbreak – which has been attributed to North Korea – and a Russian-government backed campaign targeting home routers across the west which US and UK authorities warn is designed to conduct espionage and potentially lay the groundwork for future offensive cyber operations.

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