Cyber-Security Attacks Already Happening in Business Aviation

While the commercial aviation industry is struggling to even acknowledge threats to cybersecurity, the business aviation industry has already experienced attacks, according to Josh Wheeler, Satcom Direct director, entry into service.

“The attacks are happening while the aircraft is airborne,” Wheeler explained. “The attacks, just like the ones that corporations like Walmart have experienced, are most likely coming from the ground. The key point to remember is that if you can see the Internet when a passenger connects, then the Internet can see you. It’s not really about the satellite. The satellite is just the means to deliver Internet capabilities to the aircraft. In addition, there are security issues with the flight department, for example, any time an aircraft has an open Wi-Fi network operating in the cabin, there is a risk of hacking.” Cybersecurity threats challenge one of business aviation’s greatest attributes: security of trade secrets from prying eyes. There is also the risk of hacking aboard commercial aircraft.

Read more about the cyber attacks targeting business aviation on Aviation International News.

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