This cryptocurrency mining malware also disables your security services

A new form of cryptocurrency mining malware uses a leaked NSA-exploit to spread itself to vulnerable Windows machines, while also disabling security software and leaving the infected computer open to future attacks.

The Python-based malicious Monero miner has been uncovered by researchers at security company Fortinet who’ve dubbed it PyRoMine. It first appeared this month and spreads using EternalRomance, a leaked NSA-exploit which takes advantage of what until a year ago had been an undisclosed SMB vulnerability to self-propagate through networks.

Researchers discovered the malware was downloadable from a particular web address as a zip file, bundled with Pyinstaller, a program which packages programs written in Python into stand alone executables, meaning there’s no need for Python to be installed on the compromised machine.

Read more about the newly discovered PyRoMine malware on ZDNet.

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