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You can put a team of cyber security and cyber threat intelligence experts on your site with Crucial Point CISO-as-a-Service offerings. Use our experts a little or a lot, on demand. We also offer Technology Due Diligence services for M&A support. Contact Us here.
Services include:Strategic Consulting: Leverage experienced professionals with proven past performance. Our clients include major telecommunications firms, defense systems integrators and IT firms with dramatic, “game changing” technology. We also help highly regulated businesses and government agencies respond to a continuous stream of new mandates for cybersecurity compliance.

CTO Outsourcing and CTO-as-a-Service: Our model provides highly qualified, experienced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) leadership on your staff to manage and lead your technology partners, developers, engineers and IT support. We offer part-time, full-time, retained and hourly services. We also provide compliance services.

Technology Research: Our experts in technology can assess the relevance of technology prior to investment and prior to you bringing the capability into your enterprise. We prepare customized briefings on technology and provide context on IT focused on your needs.

Due Diligence:We support private equity firms, venture capital, and businesses looking to acquire other businesses. We can also help independently verify and place into context the discriminators of technologies in the firms you are considering.

Cybersecurity and CISO-as-a-Service Crucial Point provides architecture reviews and action plans for enhancing cybersecurity. We also provide analysis of solutions and products and strategies associates with cybersecurity, including market potential analysis, product offering development and marketing/messaging creation.

Government Market Evaluation and Support: We serve high tech companies who want to do business with the government. We can assist you in flattening the learning curve and will help you produce a winning strategy.


There Is No Substitute For Experience

Put A Team Of Seasoned Professionals On Your Side

OODA LLC is a CTO advisory and Due Diligence firm operating across multiple sectors of the economy. We are known for our ability to help companies mitigate risks and increase compliance while optimizing security spend.

Crucial Point helps clients improve defenses by:

  • CISO as a Service: Strategic leadership for corporate security programs, including evaluation of an exercising of incident response plans.
  • CTO as a Service: Technical architecture review and senior advice, including action plans for modernization and cloud transition.
  • Independent verification and validation of compliance, including GDPR, FFIEC, NIST.

We would love to serve your efforts. Contact OODA LLC  for more information.


China accused the U.S. of engaging in “trade bullyism”

The United States and China imposed fresh tariffs on each other’s goods on Monday as the world’s biggest economies showed no signs of backing down from an increasingly bitter trade dispute that is expected to knock global economic growth.

Context from a Reuters report:

U.S. tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and retaliatory tariffs by Beijing on $60 billion worth of U.S. products took effect at midday Asian time, though the initial level of the duties was not as high as earlier feared.

The U.S. will levy tariffs of 10 percent initially, rising to 25 percent at the end of 2018. Beijing has imposed rates of 5-10 percent and warned it would respond to any rise in U.S. tariffs on Chinese products accordingly.

All businesses should think through not just the impact on your markets of this continuing trade war, but what China may do in cyberspace to steal information of value to their economy and/or their national security decision-making. You can make it harder for adversaries to steal your information and can do so economically if you leverage lessons learned from the operational cybersecurity community. Now is the time to do so.

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Find The Technology You Need For Cybersecurity With CTOvision Guide To Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyberspace is a technological domain and choosing the right technology to enhance your defense is absolutely key.

The problem is there is an overwhelming amount of vendors you need to assess. This is due to the incredible amount of innovation and capability creation in the field.

CTOvision provides a resource designed to help you more rapidly assess the overwhelming cybersecurity marketplace. Our guide to the Cybersecurity Technology Marketplace provides insights on firms with proven capability. For each firm we report on we include succinct insights into their capability, a short video demo (when available), lists of the firm’s competitors, and links to allow a deeper examination when warranted.

For more see: The CTOvision Guide To The Cybersecurity Technology Marketplace.

If you have direct experience with a high quality provider of security technology that has made a difference to you and your organization we would love to hear about it. Let us know via our contact form or reply to any of our newsletters with your input.

Assessing The Risk

Evaluating overall risk to your business requires a holistic view if your objectives, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. It also requires a solid assessment of the threat. Your adversaries may well be the biggest source of risk to your operation.

For more see OODA LLC


Technology Assessment

We have a deep background in enterprise technology and insights into what really works and what does not. We provide enterprises with technology assessments that include reviews of architecture and technology roadmaps. We also provide technology scouting and reconnaissance and can bring our deep understanding of current Venture Capital investments to provide insights into what is coming next in enterprise IT.

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For more see: OODA LLC

Due Diligence Assessments

Crucial Point has proven capabilities in Due Diligence for M&A and related activities, including support to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and for businesses seeking to acquire other businesses.  Our focus is on helping business decision-makers understand what is unique, especially in the technologies of the company under evaluation and the value customers see in those technologies.

Assessing the value of a technology, especially the value to potential enterprise customers, requires an understanding of the entire stack of technology, from storage to servers to operating systems to middleware to communications to applications.  Crucial Point brings technologists to bear with deep experience in the entire spectrum of enterprise IT and years of experience in performing due diligence studies.

What makes us unique? We are the only firm operating in the enterprise technology space with deep technical knowledge of the entire stack of enterprise IT and deep backgrounds in the mission needs of the most important customers for today’s technology: the federal government. Contact us today for more details on the discriminating capability you will want on your team.

Our team also brings an unparalleled background in understanding the mission needs of federal customers and the performance of the firms that serve the federal market.

We have found every Technology Due Diligence assessment we have been engaged on has required full spectrum understanding of the entire IT stack and an ability to discuss customer mission needs and buying-power in detail.

Our Technology Due Diligence Process:

  • We assess the functionality of the technology capabilities under consideration, looking for discriminators that differentiate the technology in the market.
  • We review how well the company’s intellectual property is protected and work closely with IP lawyers on the due diligence team to reduce ambiguity over precisely what you will be buying.
  • We provide context on the technology marketplace, including what competitors in the field may have publicly disclosed about their capability.
  • We assess whether or not customers may be able to accomplish the functionality of the target technology by other means, including configuring their current technology differently or buying integrations of other capabilities.
  • We work closely with you to identify cultural dynamics of the technology team under consideration and how well it will be a strategic fit with your technology team and your strategic intent.
  • We identify risks and suggest ways to mitigate risks.
  • We do all that in a way that always protects your trust and confidence.
  • You receive well written reports spelling out conclusions and assessments and continuous dialog and high availability from us till your decisions are made.


For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology Due Diligence Services

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