Sometimes employees follow cybersecurity best practices beyond company policies

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of employees use a company-approved device for work. However, less than half (40%) of those who use a personal device are regulated when using that personal device, according to a new survey of 1,000 full-time employees published by Clutch. Employees use personal devices for routine, daily work activities. Among those surveyed who […]

Insider threat blind spot enables employee revenge attacks

Based on threat assessments from global organizations in public and private sector industries, Dtex Systems determined there are active insider threats in all assessed organizations. This is clear proof that none have been able to eliminate the insider threat blind spot. Failure to gain visibility is allowing malicious and negligent employees to engage in undetected high-risk activities […]

$8.76 million: The average yearly cost of insider threats

According to The Ponemon Institute’s report, “2018 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Organizations,” the average cost of an insider threat annually is $8.76 million. It’s critical for organizations to understand the main causes of insider threats, because detecting insiders in a timely manner could save millions of dollars. Depending on the industry and size of company, the cost of an […]

Third-party and insider threats one of the biggest concerns to IT pros

External threats are not the main concern for IT professionals, but rather breaches that are linked to vulnerabilities caused by staff or third-party vendors operating within an organization’s own network, Bomgar’s 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report reveals. In fact, 50% of organizations claimed to have suffered a serious information security breach or expect to do […]

5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware from Crippling Your Organization Like Atlanta

Last week’s ransomware attack on the City of Atlanta’s networks reminds us that ransomware can result in downtime and lost productivity.  Ransomware is a type of malware deployed by threat actors to prevent or limit users from accessing their system or networks until a ransom is paid.  Nearly 10 days after the attack, some municipal offices were still unable […]

Misconfigured Clouds Compromise 424% More Records in 2017

Insider mistakes like networked backup incidents and misconfigured cloud servers caused nearly 70% of all compromised records in 2017, according to new data from IBM X-Force. These types of incidents affected 424% more records last year than the year prior, they report. It wasn’t all bad news from the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, which […]

Three Things Your Organization Can Do Today to Start Mitigating Insider Threat Risk

A lot of noise exists across the cyber security industry today about insider threat risk, including how to define insider threats, how to evaluate the best solutions currently available, and how to balance employee privacy issues.  No matter what your organization’s critical assets are or what industry you operate in, you can easily become distracted […]

Only 13 percent of government employees take personal responsibility for cybersecurity, survey finds

Public sector employees in the U.S. have little concern about their personal cybersecurity responsibilities, according to a survey. Just 13 percent of government employees believe they have complete personal responsibility for the security of their work devices or information, the report carried out by analytics firm YouGov and published by security firm Dtex Systems said. […]

Privilege Abuse Attacks: 4 Common Scenarios

Privileged account abuse is one of the most dangerous threats because it is relatively easy to execute and takes a long time to detect. The 2017 IBM Cost of Data Breach Study disclosed that organizations lost at least $3.62 million on forensic and investigative activities, remediation and legal expenditures associated with security incidents in 2016. But the […]

Cybersecurity pros don’t feel equipped to stop insider attacks

Based on interviews with nearly 1,500 cybersecurity professionals over three years, Haystax Technology released a study that makes it clear that organizations are feeling the pressure from insider threats and are ramping up detection, prevention and remediation. “One consistent message we heard in all of these interviews was that cybersecurity professionals don’t feel equipped to stop insider […]