Back to Basics: AI Isn’t the Answer to What Ails Us in Cyber

Earlier this month, many of the planet’s most influential leaders met at the World Economic Forum in Davos to address some of the most pressing issues of our time, including artificial intelligence (AI). AI was touted as the answer to almost everything. Some people in cyber are turning to AI as well, arguing that machines will be able to more quickly adapt to and manage threats, and eventually even be able to predict (and therefore prevent) attacks.

AI has a great PR machine behind it and may hold good long-term potential. But according to Amit Yoran, Chairman & CEO, Tenable Network Security, it’s not the answer to what ails us in cyber. At the crux of just about every high-profile breach and compromise, from Yahoo to Equifax, sits a lack of foundational cyber hygiene. Those breaches weren’t about failing to use some super-expensive, bleeding-edge, difficult-to-deploy and unproven mouse trap. In cyber, what differentiates the leaders from the laggards isn’t spending millions and millions of dollars on sexy bells-and-whistles interfaces. It’s about organizations setting a culture in which security matters. That means they prioritize cyber hygiene. They understand that cyber risk equals business risk in our digital age.

Read more about why Amit Yoran thinks that the irony behind just about every headline-grabbing data breach we’ve seen in recent years is that they all could have been prevented with simple cyber hygiene, on DarkReading.

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