Akamai: IoT the new ‘shadow IT’ of the enterprise

Internet-connected devices are already everywhere in the consumer space, but as they make their way into the organisation, they pose a threat to the security of enterprise networks.

According to Akamai global director of security strategy Patrick Sullivan, just like shadow IT, network administrators aren’t necessarily aware of the presence of IoT devices. “I think it’s an issue for everybody,” he told ZDNet. “I mean, it’s a very active attack surface and I think if you look around the world, there are various governments that are starting to consider whether they need to weigh in with tighter regulation of the IoT devices.”

With a well-known smartphone, those responsible for IT within an organisation are familiar with the security the devices are wrapped in; however, with an IoT device, “secure as standard” isn’t always the way. “It’s a tricky situation because the consumer is not in the market only buying devices that have excellent internet security posture […] which diminishes the incentive for the manufacturer to have a very high level of security,” Sullivan explained.

Read more about why Patrick Sullivan of Akamai thinks IoT devices pose a threat to the security of enterprise networks, which isn’t helped by the fact there isn’t a lot of regulation around developing an IoT device, on ZDNet.

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