ADB.Miner worm is rapidly spreading across Android devices

A fresh threat to Android devices has managed to infect thousands of devices in days, researchers warn. In a blog post published Sunday, cybersecurity researcher Wang Hui from 360Netlab said a strain of cryptocurrency mining malware called ADB.Miner has begun spreading rapidly. The malware has similar capabilities to worms and uses the ADB debug interface, on port 5555, to spread.

It is usually the case that port 5555 is kept closed; however, the ADB debug tool used to conduct diagnostic tests sometimes may open this port — potentially by accident. Once a device is infected, it will continue to scan the 5555 port to propagate further and find other devices with the same port open, such as Android-based smartphones, tablets, or television sets. According to 360Netlab, smartphones and smart TV set-top boxes are among most of the devices currently infected, but the company has not disclosed which models or vendors.

Read more about the ADB.Miner worm that has affected about 7,000 devices so far on ZDNet.

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