We have proven capabilities in Due Diligence for M&A and related activities, including support to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and for businesses seeking to acquire other businesses.  Our focus is on helping business decision-makers understand what is unique, especially in the technologies of the company under evaluation and the value customers see in those technologies.

Assessing the value of a technology, especially the value to potential enterprise customers, requires an understanding of the entire stack of technology, from storage to servers to operating systems to middleware to communications to applications.  We bring technologists to bear with deep experience in the entire spectrum of enterprise IT and years of experience in performing due diligence studies.

What makes us unique? We are the only firm operating in the enterprise technology space with deep technical knowledge of the entire stack of enterprise IT and deep backgrounds in the mission needs of the most important customers for today’s technology: the federal government. Contact us today for more details on the discriminating capability you will want on your team.

Our team also brings an unparalleled background in understanding the mission needs of federal customers and the performance of the firms that serve the federal market.

We have found every Technology Due Diligence assessment we have been engaged on has required full spectrum understanding of the entire IT stack and an ability to discuss customer mission needs and buying-power in detail.

Our Technology Due Diligence Process:

  • We assess the functionality of the technology capabilities under consideration, looking for discriminators that differentiate the technology in the market.
  • We review how well the company’s intellectual property is protected and work closely with IP lawyers on the due diligence team to reduce ambiguity over precisely what you will be buying.
  • We provide context on the technology marketplace, including what competitors in the field may have publicly disclosed about their capability.
  • We assess whether or not customers may be able to accomplish the functionality of the target technology by other means, including configuring their current technology differently or buying integrations of other capabilities.
  • We work closely with you to identify cultural dynamics of the technology team under consideration and how well it will be a strategic fit with your technology team and your strategic intent.
  • We identify risks and suggest ways to mitigate risks.
  • We do all that in a way that always protects your trust and confidence.
  • You receive well written reports spelling out conclusions and assessments and continuous dialog and high availability from us till your decisions are made.


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