The-cyber-threat-cover-191x300Our Cyber Threat Brief is delivered in person to organizations seeking actionable information on the emerging threats from cyberspace.

Better awareness of the cyber security threat has been proven to enhance the security culture of an organization. Better awareness of the cyber threat helps executives plan better, helps employees understand why adherence to security policies is critical, and helps the enterprise security team garner support for important security initiatives.

Crucial Point, a strategic consulting firm led by cybersecurity pioneer Bob Gourley, offers fact-based training on the cyber threat that informs and motivates. Based on decades of first-hand experience and research into the history of cyber conflict, our briefing on the cyber threat follows the outline of our best-selling book (titled The Cyber Threat).

Topics presented include:

  • Threat actors
  • The history of the threat and lessons from history relevant to today
  • The ten most common attack patterns adversaries use to get in
  • How to organize to continually learn more about the cyber threat
  • The ten principles of cyber threat intelligence every organization should consider
  • How cyber threats to your company vary due to your unique mission and business

Our Cyber Threat Brief Provides Training and Awareness:

  • We produce an updated/tailored threat presentation designed with your business and risks in mind
  • We schedule an in person delivery to an audience of your choice in a location of your choice.
  • We will also provide a one year license to the enhanced version of our Daily Threat Brief, which includes a special “ask the analyst” feature.
  • We provide leave behinds will include succinct information suitable for dissemination to your entire workforce as training materials as well as a modifiable copy of the presentation for your use as desired.


  • This presentation will be delivered by one of our senior intelligence leaders.
  • 40 copies of our book on The Cyber Threat will be provided along with this presentation. Additional copies can be made available at deep discount as required.
  • We will reserve one day for delivery to allow multiple sessions and extensive deep dives into threat characteristics as required.

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