The Threat Brief is an open source intelligence report modeled after the concept of the President’s Daily Brief (PDB). We provide succinct insights you can quickly skim and links to more details for you to dive into as needed. Each report can be digested in under 8 minutes a day.

The Daily Threat Brief was created by Bob Gourley, a seasoned cyber security and intelligence professional. Bob is also the publisher of Bob oversees content production and curation of news as well as creation of our in depth reports on cyber threats.

Every day our analysts succinctly provide insights into global risk and security issues in ways that can reduce your personal and business risks and inform your strategic decision making.

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Also see our list of Threat References, which include our tailored insights into key threat actors. Key reports include:

A note about our security: We serve professionals with cybersecurity information, and work hard to embody the principles of privacy, trust and best practices around risk mitigation. But still there is always risk in interacting with sites online and we want you to be aware of what we are doing to mitigate risks. We are committed to protecting your information as you interact with our system. Our privacy policy, simply put, is that we will take all steps we can to help protect any information you provide us. We only partner with firms we believe behave in the same responsible manner. For example, we use the highly regarded Mailchimp service for list management, and the reputable membership management service Memberful for ecommerce (they integrate with Stripe for payment processing). If you have questions on any of this please contact us.



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