5 Tips For Securing Your Network Printing

Your office printer might not appear to pose much of a security threat. But if left unprotected, it may in fact present a serious risk to your network and resources. For example, with access to a networked printer, an unauthorised user can discover device configurations, network information and user credentials. This is because printers are often installed with access to multiple network subnets. This enables different departments to use them but also makes the printer a target for potential hackers to plant Wi-Fi devices, sniff traffic and access system passwords.

Smart multi-function printers (MFPs) offer the same potential for harm. Unlike older printers, MFPs make a digital copy of each document before it’s printed or sent over email. If left unprotected, this information is vulnerable to being hacked.

This vulnerability is reflected in the statistics. According to Quocirca, 63 percent of businesses experience one or more print-related data breaches yearly. Even so, IDC found that the majority of companies have no print security strategy in place.

Read which five simple steps could prove invaluable to safeguarding your printer network on Information Security Buzz.

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