20% of Security Operations are Woefully Unprepared for Attacks

Given that the cost of data breaches has increased 96% since 2011, it’s time that security operations move out of IT and gain the direction from upper management. That’s especially true given that a disturbing majority of them are immature and underprepared for the threat landscape.

That’s the assessment from HP, whose 2015 report on the State of Security Operations, and almost 70% of security operation centers (SOCs) and cyber-defense organizations are only achieving “minimum ad-hoc threat detection and response capabilities.” In other words: enterprises around the world are grossly unprepared to defend against even the most basic of cyber-attacks.

Read more about the HP’s 2015 report on  State of Security Operations which reveals that 20% of cyber security operations are unprepared for cyber attacks on Infosecurity Security.

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