11 tips for prioritizing security spending

You know all the security advice. You need to have a solid firewall. But it’s not enough to defend the perimeter anymore, so you need total visibility into your internal network as well. And don’t forget about antivirus. Better make sure it’s all in working order by frequent pen testing too!

The problem, of course, is that all that costs money — money that many organizations have to be judicious about spending. Rather than yell at you for not buying things you can’t afford, CSO’s Josh Fruhlinger decided to talk to security experts to find out how they approach infosec triage: how they decide where to direct limited resources, and what steps can be taken for little or no money. He also got a few tips on helping management “discover” money in the budget that can be put towards cyber security.

Read 11 tips for how to keep things locked down when you can’t afford new locks, on CSO.

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