​European Union prepares to wreck internet with new copyright law

The internet is a bastion of free speech. You can say whatever you want about anything on any site that allows comments and post any content you like on sites that allow you to share music, code, words, video, and so on. That may be changing. The European Union (EU) Article 13 was just passed by the EU’s Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee. If it makes it into law, freedom of speech on the net will be gagged.

Under Article 13, instead of letting you be free to say whatever you want or share whatever content you desire, every website has to check your every word, sound, video, programming code, image, or video to see if it’s a copyright violation. In short, everything.

Read more about EU Article 13 which, if it makes it into law, will force all websites to check any and all posts for copyright violations, on ZDNet.

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