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Recorded Future Threat Research Blog Highlights sophisticated techniques used by the Chinese state against perceived domestic threats

Recorded Future just released a report in a series which sheds light on the breadth of sophisticated techniques used by the Chinese state against perceived domestic threats. This latest report is focused on threats to the Tibetan community. It is based on a detailed analysis of the malware targeting the… Read more

Spookstock: A virtuous, but secretive, battle of the bands

JJ Green at WTOP News produced a segment on a very virtuous yearly event called Spookstock which we would like to draw your attention to. JJ’s choice of words and sound in this report are impossible for me to do service to, it is very well done, so I would… Read more

DDoS attackers increasingly strike outside of normal business hours

DDoS attack volumes have increased by 50% to an average of 3.3 Gbps during May, June and July 2018, compared to 2.2 Gbps during the previous quarter, according to Link11. Attacks are also becoming increasingly complex, with 46% of incidents using two or more vectors. While attack volumes increased, researchers recorded a… Read more

Instagram hack is locking hundreds of users out of their accounts

Instagram has been hit by a widespread hacking campaign which appears to have affected hundreds of users, leaving them unable to recover their accounts. As first reported by Mashable, increasing numbers of Instagram users are finding themselves barred from their own accounts. Login attempts appear to be failing, and when password reset… Read more

Chaos and confusion reign with existing firewall infrastructure

Many organizations are still struggling to master basic firewall hygiene, promising increased complexity and risk associated with network security policy management for those planning to adopt hybrid cloud models and next-gen architectures, according to Firemon’s 2018 State of the Firewall report. Despite the prominent stature of firewalls within security infrastructures,… Read more

Cryptojacking attacks: One in three organisations say they’ve been hit with mining malware

Almost a third of organisations say they’ve been hit by cryptojacking attacks in the last month, as cyber criminals continue their attempts to push malware designed to secretly use processing power to generate cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking attacks have become increasingly popular with attackers because users often won’t know they’ve been infected as… Read more

Hackers Steal $13.5 Million Across Three Days From Indian Bank

Representatives of Cosmos Bank, India’s second-largest cooperative bank, revealed this week that hackers breached the bank’s servers over the weekend and stole over 940 million rupees ($13.5 million) across three days. The incident is still under investigation, and the exact date of the intrusion is unknown, but the bank said… Read more

Skygofree Trojan: What makes this spyware unique?

A new malware program called the Skygofree Trojan was discovered targeting Android smartphones and tablets with extensive spyware capabilities in order to gain access to user information and gather data from apps. Kaspersky Labs found the Skygofree Trojan, which is distributed via fake mobile operator websites and is disguised as an update to… Read more

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 60 vulnerabilities resolved including two active exploits

Microsoft’s Windows Patch Tuesday resolves a total of 60 vulnerabilities, 19 of which are critical, including two zero-day security flaws which are being actively used in attacks today. The Redmond giant published a security advisory detailing the latest round of updates. The update impacts the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft… Read more

Former Microsoft Engineer Gets 18 Months in Prison for Role in Ransomware Scheme

A former Microsoft network engineer has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in helping launder money obtained from victims of the Reveton ransomware. Uadiale admitted to helping cash ransom payments obtained by a cybercriminal who distributed Reveton ransomware. This happened in the early days of ransomware,… Read more

Find The Technology You Need For Cybersecurity With CTOvision Guide To Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyberspace is a technological domain and choosing the right technology to enhance your defense is absolutely key. The problem is there is an overwhelming amount of vendors you need to assess. This is due to the incredible amount of innovation and capability creation in the field. CTOvision provides a resource designed… Read more

Put A Team Of Seasoned Professionals On Your Side

Crucial Point is a CTO advisory and Due Diligence firm operating across multiple sectors of the economy. We are known for our ability to help companies mitigate risks and increase compliance while optimizing security spend. Crucial Point helps clients improve defenses by: CISO as a Service: Strategic leadership for corporate… Read more

Assessing The Risk

Evaluating overall risk to your business requires a holistic view if your objectives, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. It also requires a solid assessment of the threat. Your adversaries may well be the biggest source of risk to your operation. For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology Due Diligence… Read more

Assessments of Security

We most strongly recommend independent assessments of your organizational security posture. Independent assessments by professional teams always produce insights you can use to enhance your security and reduce the risk to your mission. For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology Due Diligence Services Contact us at Crucial Point… Read more

Assessing The Threat

Diving deep into specific threat actors can result in insights that will shape your strategy and reduce the overall risk to your organization. Contact us for more. For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology Due Diligence Services Contact us at Crucial Point for more information. Gain Deeper Insights… Read more

Technology Assessment

We have a deep background in enterprise technology and insights into what really works and what does not. We provide enterprises with technology assessments that include reviews of architecture and technology roadmaps. We also provide technology scouting and reconnaissance and can bring our deep understanding of current Venture Capital investments… Read more

Mergers and Acquisition Support

Our team has extensive experience assisting financial services firms through complex merger and acquisition assessments and transactions. Our focus is on assessing the business value of technology and assisting in evaluating the cybersecurity of target firms. For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology Due Diligence Services Contact us… Read more

Due Diligence Assessments

Crucial Point has proven capabilities in Due Diligence for M&A and related activities, including support to Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and for businesses seeking to acquire other businesses.  Our focus is on helping business decision-makers understand what is unique, especially in the technologies of the company under evaluation… Read more

Competitive Intelligence

Crucial Point’s unique methods, experienced networks of professionals and understanding of the most advanced technologies available to researchers today supports a competitive intelligence process that produces results fast. We define, gather, analyze and assess information designed to enhance your strategic decisionmaking. For more see our CTO Advisory Services and Technology… Read more

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