What’s your security story? How to use security as a sales tool

Security teams often believe that their job is security, not process efficiency, and definitely not business profitability. And subsequently they are viewed as technical risk managers tasked with prevention instead of growth, compliance in place of strategy, and implementing technical solutions instead of encouraging culture change. Information security is perceived as a cost center, and this leaves most security teams underutilized and misaligned with stakeholder vision.

If you think the job of a security leader is to be the guardian of your organization’s data or infrastructure, think again. The best security leader is the curator and custodian of the organization’s security story. That is, the sum of all the ways your company defends assets, meets compliance and market criteria, and implements technologies that keep valued assets safe. It is your company’s representation of just how much others can trust you with their assets.

Read how Sabino Marquez, CSO at Allocadia, thinks your organization’s security story can turn security into a sales tool on Help Net Security.

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