What’s the C-Suite Doing About Mobile Security?

For too long, too many companies have viewed security as an IT problem. Breaches are considered just another cost of doing business rather than a risk that requires proactive focus by the C-suite. But breaches are a risk to take seriously for C-suites and their companies. Just think about the recent Equifax breach, after which the CIO, CISO, and CEO all lost their jobs. If the C-suite wasn’t paying attention before, it surely is now. And it should pay even more attention in the years ahead, as new ways of doing business open up new data breach vulnerabilities.

Mobile, in particular, is a broad threat vector with a huge number of permutations that are beyond the corporate perimeter. Employees are increasingly doing their work on mobile devices, regardless of company policy — according to analyst firm Gartner, today’s employees use an average of three different devices in their daily routine. Still, many C-suite executives have no idea how to deal with the problem of mobile threats, although they do at least acknowledge it: almost half of CIOs and IT executives identified mobile devices as the weakest link in their company’s defense in a Tech Pro Research survey.

Read what the C-suite should do to protect against mobile threats according to Anne Bonaparte, CEO of Appthority, on DarkReading.

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