The two most important ways to defend against security threats

An average of 5,000 to 7,000 new computer security threats are announced each year. That’s as many as 19 every day. The rate at which new threats appear make it difficult to decide which ones require your attention. It might surprise you that, while your competitors waste money on high-tech, expensive, and sometimes exotic defenses, you can get far more value by concentrating on just two things you already do.  You can spend less money and nothing you do otherwise will provide a better defense.

The two things you need to do better are not a secret. You already know you need to do them. The data in favor of doing them is overwhelming. Still, most companies don’t do them well enough.

Read why patching and security training programs will thwart attacks more effectively than anything else according to CSO’s Roger A. Grimes, and how you can do both of these things better, on CSO.

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