Three Steps To Reduce Technology Sprawl And Optimize Cyber Defenses

If someone asked you how many technologies comprise your cyber security portfolio, would you be able to answer correctly? Many IT and security professionals cannot, and this is dangerous for a variety of reasons. For starters, knowing your assets should be an important part of your overall security posture. But then there’s the issue of technology sprawl.

Malware evolves daily, and too many companies think throwing money at the problem is a failsafe way to mitigate risk. They’ll buy a new service or product to combat the latest threat, deploy it and then forget all about it. Not only is this strategy a waste of money, but IT infrastructures are then comprised of various point solutions that aren’t orchestrated to work together. Many times, this leaves cracks in the foundation that companies thought they so successfully built, allowing cybercriminals to penetrate their walls. The hard truth is that more spending doesn’t always translate to reduced incidents.

Read why Brian Wrozek, Director of Information Security at Optiv’s Office of the CISO, thinks the best way to avoid getting caught in this vicious cycle is to manage your cyber security portfolio proactively and make optimization and orchestration top priorities, and learn which three steps can help you get started with this, on Information Security Buzz.

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