Once a target, always a target: If you’re hit by hackers you’re likely to be hit again

If you’re unlucky enough to fall victim to hackers, you’re likely to fall victim to a similar cyber-attack or data breach in the months following the initial problem. According to the newly-released FireEye M-Trends annual report for 2018, 56 percent of organisations that were targets of a significant attack in the last year and a half were targeted a second time in that period. That figure is up from 38 percent in 2013.

Almost half of those who fell victim to an additional attack (49 percent) were successfully attacked within the first 12 months following the initial incident and 86 percent of those who fell victim to additional ‘significant’ attacks were found to have more than one unique attacker active in their networks and systems. One of the key reasons for breached organisations falling victim to additional attacks is that hacking groups are keen to finish the work they’ve started, even if they’ve been discovered in the network.

Read more about the findings of the new report by FireEye on ZDNet.

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