Do you have what it takes to withstand modern DDoS attacks?

As the latest record DDoS attack hit GitHub and threatened to overwhelm its edge network, the popular Git-repository hosting service quickly switched to routing the attack traffic to their DDoS mitigation service. In the end, GitHub ended up completely unavailable for five minutes and intermittently unavailable for four. But while the effect of the attack could have been worse, GitHub’s engineering team aims to do better next time they are hit.

Robert Hamilton, Director of Product Marketing at Imperva, believes that nine minutes of outage is definitely way too much. Paying a sizeable amount of money for DDoS mitigation services should come with a promise that attacks will be thwarted within seconds, he says, and that’s what Imperva is doing. The company’s services come with a guarantee to detect and block all attacks in under ten seconds. The offer is unique in the DDoS mitigation market, and Hamilton says that they expected some of their competitors to follow suit and offer a similar deal. None did, though, which makes him believe they are not capable of mitigating a DDoS attack in less than ten to twenty minutes.

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