Other web service data breaches pale in comparison to the 3-billion user Yahoo hack

When it was first announced in 2016, Yahoo’s breach of over 1 billion user accounts went down as one of the worst in history. On Tuesday, Yahoo, which is now owned by Verizon, broke its own record when it released a statement admitting that all 3 billion of the user accounts that existed in 2013 […]

The 2013 Yahoo breach affected all 3 billion of its users

Yahoo, now part of the newly created Verizon subsidiary Oath, has announced that the 2013 breach it disclosed in December 2016 affected more users than previously believed. Read the news about how the 2013 Yahoo data breach affected all its 3 billion users on Help Net Security.

U.S. Court refuses to dismiss Yahoo lawsuit due to data breach

In this cyber age, a number of companies have access to confidential data of their users. You may have noticed that as soon as you sign up for a website, it assures you that your data will be in safe hands. Read the news about the United States court refusing to dismiss Yahoo data breach […]

Yahoo Must Face Litigation by Data Breach Victims, Judge Rules

Yahoo must face nationwide litigation brought on behalf of well over 1 billion users who said their personal information was compromised in three massive data breaches, a federal judge has ruled. Read the news about Yahoo to face litigation by data breach victim on NBC News.

Deconstructing the 2016 Yahoo Security Breach

Read Jacob Olcott explain the lessons we can learn from the 2016 Yahoo data breach on Dark Reading : Exactly two decades ago, in 1997, a new book rose up the best-seller list: The Perfect Storm, Sebastian Junger’s recounting of the fateful events that doomed the fishing boat Andrea Gail and its six-member crew in […]

The lessons you need to learn from the Yahoo data breach: Top four info security tips

The data breach stories continue to roll in this year. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen familiar brand names including Wonga and Debenhams in the uncomfortable glare of the media spotlight as they reveal the loss of customer data. Read about the top four lessons from the Yahoo data breach on IT Pro […]

Consumers Seek Worldwide Class in Yahoo Data Breach Case

Yahoo! Inc. may have to face a worldwide class of consumers complaining about a data breach that exposed more than a billion user accounts ( In re Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litig. , N.D. Cal., No. 16-md-02752, consolidated class complaint filed 4/13/17 ). Read more about how consumers are seeking a worldwide class […]

Security Central: Experts Spear-point Cause of Yahoo Hack, Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act Gains Traction

One click to breach them all. Or at least, one click to breach Yahoo. One simple, mistaken click is apparently all it took for hackers working with the Russian state security service to gain access to Yahoo’s network and the email accounts of approximately 1.5 billion people. Read how Yahoo was hacked according to Allison Francis […]

Yahoo breaches underline executive role in cyber security

Read why Warwick Ashford says that Yahoo hack attack underlines the executive and company boards role in cyber security on Computer Weekly : The Yahoo board has decided to withhold CEO Marissa Mayer’s 2016 annual bonus in connection with a series of data breaches and accepted her offer to forego her 2017 stock award. Read […]

Yahoo’s Boundless Incompetence: Execs Knew About 2014 Data Breach As It Happened

In a rather nasty turn of events, it seems that Yahoo senior executives were aware of the 2014 data breach since the late months of that very year, but failed to properly comprehend what was happening, in a clear sign of incompetence. Read more about the new security filing by Yahoo which reveals that its […]