“Backdoor” Found In AMD CPUs, Researchers Discover 13 Critical Vulnerabilities In RYZEN And EPYC

Just months after Meltdown and Spectre were disclosed to the public, security researchers have uncovered another set of critical processor vulnerabilities. This time Intel owners can breathe easy, these exploits are unique to AMD’s processors, including its latest Ryzen chips. “The Ryzen chipset, a core system component that AMD outsourced to a Taiwanese chip manufacturer, ASMedia, is currently being […]

Intel to release 9th-generation ‘Ice Lake’ CPUs with fixes for Meltdown, Spectre

2018 started off with almost all PC/laptop and smartphone users staring at the CPU flaws called Meltdown and Spectre. While ARM is issuing patches for smartphone CPUs, patching Intel processors is a tricky business. However, Intel has announced that its next batch of 2018 9th-generation Ice Lake CPUs will have Meltdown and Spectre patch.  Intel […]

How to protect your Mac and your iPhone

Most of us who don’t use Android smartphones use Apple products like iPhone and Mac PCs or laptops. While most Mac users still think that thier PCs and smartphones are malware and virus proof, there are some serious vulnerabilities like Spectre and Meltdown CPU flaws. The flaws are rather technical bug it is important for […]

Lack of cyber hygiene leaves 90% of businesses vulnerable to hacks

The vast majority of businesses are recording exploits for vulnerabilities that are three or more years old, with just over half reporting 10 year old vulnerabilities. Read about the new report by Fortiguard which found that there were a total of 184 billion exploit detections, 62 million malware detections and 2.9 billion botnet communications attempts […]

Attacks exploiting software vulnerabilities are on the rise

Attacks conducted with the help of exploits are among the most effective as they generally do not require any user interaction, and can deliver dangerous code without arousing user suspicion. Read about the new report by Kaspersky Lab which reveals that there were 702 million attempts to launch an exploit in 2016 – an increase of […]

Emerging cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Read Dwight Davis’article about emerging vulnerabilities on CSO Online : One unfortunate aspect of human psychology involves how people tend to deal with potential threats. As long as the threats are more abstract than actual, all too often we reason that there’s no rush to build defenses against them. Only after a threat materializes and […]

Recovering from a Data Breach: 3 Steps to Combat Vulnerabilities

Have you ever encountered a data breach which has exposed the vulnerabilities of your entrepreneurial setup? Are you worried about the lingering cybersecurity threats, looming large within an organizational hierarchy? In this post, we will be focusing on the techniques to combat data breaches while containing the damage in extreme cases. Read more about three steps your business […]

Overload: Critical Lessons from 15 Years of ICS Vulnerabilities

In the past several years, a flood of vulnerabilities has hit industrial control systems (ICS) – the technological backbone of electric grids, water supplies, and production lines. These vulnerabilities affect the reliable operation of sensors, programmable controllers, software and networking equipment used to automate and monitor the physical processes that keep our modern world running. […]

Slow Down On Lawful Hacking Frameworks and Fixes

Read Dave Altel’s article on the slowdown in lawful hacking frameworks and bug fixes on Lawfare Blog : “Lawful hacking” is an interesting and potentially very useful future path for law enforcement and the intelligence community. But lawyers and policymakers rushing to address potential problems are getting ahead of the technology. Read his full article […]

Cybersecurity blind spots: Mitigating risks and vulnerabilities

Read Sean Martin’s article about with security experts on how to overcome cyber security blind spots on Tech Targets : Technical blind spots certainly present major information security challenges to CISOs and their teams, as the complexities of monitoring encrypted traffic and updating SAP software and other legacy applications can be daunting tasks. Read his full […]