Improving Security By Pulling The Plug On USB Ports

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s no secret that the human aspect of any organisation is its weakest link. From bad password sharing practices to falling victim to phishing emails, these challenges are any CISO’s nightmare. After all, the holes in network security that are created by the people on the front line of an […]

Why doesn’t the USB fit both ways in your computer?

USB flash drives have become the intricate part of our online life. If you are online or in someways connected to a computer, there’s no way you can escape from USB drives. Nowadays, even cars and TVs come with USB ports so it is inevitable that you are somehow part of the great USB culture. USB […]

Password Protect Your USB Flash Drive Without Any Software

Your innocuous looking pen drive can contain vital information which could be worth millions to a potential hacker. It is always a good habit to encrypt the data stored on the pen drive with password protection. With password protection and encryption in place, even if you lose your USB drive, you can rest assured about […]

10 Years Of Human Hacking: How ‘The USB Way’ Evolved

Read Steve Stasiukonis explain the dangers of USB on Dark Reading : When my piece “Social Engineering the USB Way” ran in 2006, the intent was to create awareness about endpoint security and how plugging something into your computer could result in severe consequences. Read his full article here.

Malicious USB Disks Allow For Possible Whole System Control : CVE-2014-4115

One of the bulletins that was part of the October 2014 Patch Tuesday cycle was MS14-063 which fixed a vulnerability in the FAT32 disk partition driver that could allow for an attacker to gain administrator rights on affected systems, with only a USB disk with a specially modified file system. This vulnerability as also designated […]