A Bipartisan Bill To Strengthen Cybersecurity For The Internet Of Things

Intelligent indoor lighting that follows you where you go, smart refrigerators that send pictures of their contents to grocers, sentient thermostats that adjust the temperature based on activity, free and unhindered access to an unlimited library of information has transformed an entire generation. Read about the Internet of Things cyber security bill introduced in United […]

Delaware Amends Data Breach Statute

Delaware has joined the growing list of states that have recently amended their data breach laws. With passage of the first significant amendments to its data breach law since 2005, Delaware continues a state-law trend of creating new, widely applicable obligations to implement reasonable security measures; protect additional types of personal information; notify individuals, regulators, […]

How A Potent Defense Can Stifle Data-Breach Lawsuits By Businesses

Consumers aren’t the only plaintiffs in data-breach litigation. Businesses sue, too. When they do sue, businesses can be strong plaintiffs. This is because, unlike consumers, businesses usually can establish standing, since they’re more likely to have suffered direct financial loses that can be readily identified. Read how a good defense can stifle data breach lawsuits by businesses […]

New Mexico’s Data Breach Law

Read Kelly Wilkinss analyse the new New Mexico data breach law on JD Supra : Almost all U.S states have laws about data security and what to do when there’s a data breach. New Mexico recently added such a law for its state. Here is what’s in the New Mexico law. Read her full article […]

Fear of data breach consequences splits appeals courts

A recent federal appeals court ruling in a putative class action lawsuit that says plaintiffs can sue even if there is only fear of, but no actual, damage from a data breach further deepens an appeals court split on the issue and enhances its chances of being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, experts say. […]

A First Legislative Step in the IoT Security Battle

Read analyse the newly introduced Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvements Act of 2017 in United States on Lawfare : Despite appearances, there is some important bipartisan work afoot on Capitol Hill. On Aug. 1, Sens. Mark Warner, Cory Gardner, Ron Wyden and Steve Daines dropped the Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Improvements Act of 2017. […]

Small Business Cybersecurity Insurance Is Vital, House Panel Told

The nascent cybersecurity insurance market can play an important role for smaller businesses, which remain a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals, witnesses and congressmen said at a House Small Business Committee hearing July 26. Read more about the United States House Small Business Committee hearing where the importance of cyber security insurance was discussed […]

Can U.S. lawmakers fix IoT security for good?

Read  Majid Ahmed’s article about whether the  new IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2017 is enough to take care of Internet of Things cyber security on Network World : While the Internet of Things (IoT) has carved out a comfortable place for itself in today’s society and markets, many still fear that the interconnectivity-driven phenomenon is […]

The type of cyber breach you need to tell your clients about

Data breaches only tend to make the headlines when hackers target huge global companies with ransom demands. Read more about the new Beazley Breach Insights report which reveals that ransomware attacks in the US continued to rise in the first half of 2017, up by 50% over the first half of 2016 on Insurance Business […]

How NERC/CIP compliance is boosting US power grid security

Protecting power grids is essential to deliver electricity that serves millions of consumers. Transmission substations are a component of the power infrastructure that presents unique security challenges. These important facilities often sit out in the open, in remote locations, and were historically protected by little more than cameras or chain-link fences. Read about the latest […]