New York data breaches rise by 60% due to hacking and insiders

New York data breaches have reached new heights according to the state’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Security breaches skyrocketed by 60 percent in 2016. Firms reported 1,300 breach incidents involving the data of 1.6 million New York state residents. Hacking was the prime cause, appearing in 40 percent of reports. Read about the latest report by […]

New Yorkers See 60% Rise in Data Breaches in 2016

An analysis conducted by the New York Attorney General’s (AG) office reveals a 60% increase in data breaches in New York in 2016. This resulted in 1.6 million personal records exposed, three times the amount exposed in 2015. Main causes of the 1,300 reported breaches included hacking (40%) and negligence (37%). Read about the analysis […]

New Mexico Passes Data Breach Notification and Protection Bill

On March 16, 2017, the New Mexico state legislature passed a bill requiring that New Mexico residents be notified if their “personal identifying information” was affected by a breach of electronic data. Upon signature of the bill, New Mexico will join 47 other states requiring such notification, and the only states remaining without notification laws […]

House Committee on Small Business provides cyber security guidance

This month, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business held a hearing on cyber risks facing small businesses and issued guidance to assist in addressing the challenges. The hearing included testimony from Maureen Ohlhausen, Acting Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission, who warned that, in the case of small businesses, a data […]

Cybersecurity Collaboration Bill Aims to Help Companies

A bipartisan Senate bill would give states more resources to help companies combat the growing cybersecurity risk, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) said March 10 in a statement. Companies and organizations struggling to respond to the increased risk would gain important resources at the state and local levels from the Department of Homeland Security and partner institutions […]

All U.S. Companies Need to Share Cybersecurity Threat Data

Read why Daniel R. Stoller says that all companies based in United States need to share cyber security threat data and intelligence on Bloomberg BNA : U.S. companies large and small feeling the burn in the aftermath of a data breach are struggling to find resources to bolster their security systems, cybersecurity industry panelists said at a […]

Hacked? Proposed Bill Would Allow Firms to Hack Back

Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ga., introduced a bill as a discussion draft that would allow a victim of a cyberattack to access the attacker’s computer in order to gather information about the attack to share with law enforcement or to stop the hacker from continuing to access their network. Read more about the new bill introduced […]

Latest Executive Order Draft Promotes Risk-Based Approach

The latest version of the draft of a cybersecurity executive order from the Donald Trump White House would direct the federal government to take a risk-based approach to IT security and hold cabinet secretaries and agency heads responsible for the security of their organizations’ IT assets. Read about President Donald Trump’s new Executive Order draft […]

Only 17% of Security Pros Confident in US Cybersecurity

When asked if they were confident in the US government’s ability to protect itself from cyber-attacks in 2017, only 17% of security pros say ‘yes.’ A survey of RSA attendees by Tripwire found that in the wake of the cybersecurity issues that plagued the US presidential election, 80% of respondents said they were more concerned about […]

Hack Back Measure Might Give Companies Vigilante Powers

Read why Daniel R. Stoller says that giving hacking back powers to companies could turn them into vigilantes on  Bloogberg BNA : A House discussion draft bill that would give companies the power to hack back against cybercriminals needs further work to get broad support in Congress, a think tank technology policy specialist told Bloomberg […]