Lawmakers voice fears over security of internet devices

House lawmakers on Tuesday voiced fears about cyber threats to mobile and internet-connected devices, soliciting feedback from authorities in the private sector about how to ensure their security. Read about why United States senators are worried about Internet of Thing security on The Hill.

Deeper Dive: Clapper Divide Expands In Data Breach Cases

Read M. Scott McIntyre’s article about how Clapper divide expands in data breach cases on JD Supra : As reported in our 2017 Data Security Incident Response Report, plaintiffs allege potential future harm as a basis for injury in 80 percent of data breach lawsuits. But are allegations of future harm sufficient to meet Article III’s […]

The future of cyber liability in Indiana

Read Adam Ira’s article about the future for cyber security in Indiana on The Indiana Lawyer : There is no shortage of headlines reporting on major data security breaches across the United States. It is no surprise that the wheels of justice have turned slowly in defining the scope and extent of liability for data security […]

Panel urges quick, decisive action on cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is a key public health concern that needs immediate and aggressive attention to counter the growing threats that are putting patient information at risk, according to the findings of a just-released task force report mandated by Congress. Read the expert opinion of the task force set up by  Department of Health and Human […]

Congress Aims at Protecting Small Businesses From Cyberthreats

Online threats such as cyberterrorism and hacks are the new ­normal for businesses of all sizes. It’s a matter of when, not if, these issues 
arise. Recognizing the need for companies to prepare for and confront cybersecurity ­challenges, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued ­guidelines. Read about the new legislation being enacted […]

Phishing Scams Cost American Businesses Half A Billion Dollars A Year

These days, the FBI devotes a lot of time and effort to cybercrimes, particularly those they refer to as business email compromise scams. BECs are a type of phishing attack in which criminals target businesses that frequently send international wire transfers, and they can involve huge sums of money. A report issued this week by […]

Cybersecurity task force seeks new security framework, exemption to the Stark law

In a draft of a cybersecurity report to be released later this month, the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force called on the government to create new policies that would help healthcare organizations strengthen their cybersecurity. Read about the draft of a cybersecurity report to be released later this month which has asked the United […]

Survey: U.S. execs bearish on 2018 cybersecurity spending, despite increase in threats

Only 49 percent of surveyed U.S. executives expect to spend more on cybersecurity in a year’s time, despite a 56-percent majority expecting the number of data breach attempts to rise in 2018, according to a new research study. Read about the new research by Ovum which reveals that nearly half of U.S. executives expect cyber security […]

Jury still out on new cybersecurity executive order

Read why Steve Lasky says that jury is still out on President Donald Trump’s new cyber security executive order on Security Info Watch : Earlier this month the Trump administration made an effort to centralize an incredibly fractured federal government IT infrastructure when the president signed his executive order on “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal […]

Small business cyber bill would cost $6M

It would cost the federal government $6 million to implement legislation aimed at helping small businesses improve their cybersecurity, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates. Read the news about how the newly initiated small medium cyber legislation would cost United States $6 million on The Hill.