Ransomware, cyber-extortion and GDPR: Three security headaches ahead for charities

Charities are a prime target for hackers and are at risk of devastating cyber attacks, the UK’s intelligence agency has warned. The National Cyber Security Centre has set out some of the biggest cyber threats facing charities and advice on how to combat them in a new report. The Cyber Threat Assessment: UK Charity Sector report describes […]

UK cyber risk picture: Emergency services at risk of a major cyber attack

The UK’s emergency services are at risk of a major cyber-attack. This is the finding of a new landscape analysis, issued by intelligence provider Anomali. The UK Threat Landscape report, which explores the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) against threats and possible vulnerabilities, points to a number of weak spots in the UK which could […]

Cloud computing: Now as vital as power, transport and fresh water?

Under the European Union’s Network and Information Systems (NIS) directive, businesses that provide essential services will have to make sure their security is good enough to protect their network and information systems from attack, as well as having to notify the relevant authorities of serious incidents. The regulations apply to critical national infrastructure — those […]

GDPR: Deadline looms but businesses still aren’t ready

A lack of awareness about the forthcoming introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — a new set of rules from the European Union which aims to simplify data protection laws and provide citizens across all member states with more control over their personal data — has led the UK government to issue a warning over businesses’ […]

This hacking gang just updated the malware it uses against UK targets

A notorious hacking group is targeting the UK with an updated version of malware designed to embed itself into compromised networks and stealthily conduct espionage. Both the Neuron and Nautilus malware variants have previously been attributed to the Turla advanced persistent threat group, which regularly carries out cyber-espionage against a range of targets, including government, military, technology, energy, […]

Are they prepared: The healthcare industry’s fear of the cyber threat

Technology is booming in healthcare organisations with digital transformation policies leading to increased adoption of connected medical devices, big data analytics for faster and more accurate diagnoses, and paperless systems for the easy exchange of patient information. Read about the new report by Infoblox which reveals that 1 in 4 UK healthcare IT professionals aren’t confident […]

UK Orgs: Almost One in Five Unprepared for Cyber-Attack

Almost one in five (18%) UK businesses are unprepared for a cyber-attack, with that figure rising to 23% of public sector organizations, according to new findings from Advanced. The firm’s Advanced Trends Report 2017 reveals how organizations are coping with changes in the business and societal landscape, including risks surrounding cybersecurity threats. Read about the new […]

Quarter of UK Employees Have ‘Purposefully Leaked Business Data’

New research from Egress Software Technologies has revealed that one in four (24%) UK employees have intentionally shared confidential business information outside their organization, typically to competitors or new and previous employers. Read about the new report by Egress Software Technologies which reveals that nearly 24 percent employees of United Kingdom businesses have shared confidential […]

Organisations in the UK ‘dangerously’ unprepared for cyber attacks – report

A study published today has suggested that organisations are “dangerously” unprepared against cyber threats. Indeed, some of the results also indicates that organisations over-state their ability to identify – and therefore deal with – data breaches. Read about the newly released second annual Resilience Report by RedSeal which found that United Kingdom firms are struggling to keep […]

Banks say that AI is essential for digital transformation

Every single bank in the UK now has a digital transformation strategy set up, new research has found. A new global survey, conducted by IT consultancy GFT found that as many UK banks as going increasingly digital, AI is among the top priorities. Read about the new report by GFT which reveals that United Kingdom banks […]