UK’s ICO Doubled Number of Data Breach Fines in 2016

UK firms were among the hardest hit in Europe when it came to breach-related regulatory fines last year, as the ICO stepped its enforcement work up considerably, according to new PwC research. Read about the new research by PwC which reveals that breaches of the Data Protection Act (DPA) in United Kingdom resulted in 35 […]

UK Healthcare Accounts for 43% of all Breaches

The British healthcare system experienced 2447 incidents and accounted for 43% of all reported incidents between January 2014 and December 2016. According to data received from the Information Commissioner’s office and analyzed by Egress Software Technologies, the number of incidents rose by 20% compared to the previous time period from 184 incidents in the last quarter […]

Data Breaches Could Cost FTSE 100 Companies $6.4B A Year In Fines

Money is currently dominating much of the conversation around the United Kingdom and the European Union it is set to leave. In less than 12 months — 25 May 2018 — and regardless of Brexit, EU regulation that overhauls the way companies acquire, retain and use personal data, will come into effect. Read about the […]

Health sector accounts for ‘43% of all data breach incidents’

The UK health sector suffered a disproportionate number of data breach incidents between January 2014 and December 2016. In total, healthcare organisations suffered 2,447 incidents and accounted for 43% of all reported incidents in the time period. Read about the new report by Information Commissioner’s office in United Kingdom which shows that healthcare firms accounted […]

UK and US businesses overconfident in preparedness of data breaches

A new report from SolarWinds MSP reveals that businesses are gravely optimistic about their ability to deter and cope with malicious attacks, with 87 percent of IT executives considering their cyber-security readiness as robust. Four hundred SMBs and enterprises, split evenly from the UK and US, contributed responses to the survey. Read about the new […]

Number of self-reported data breaches in the UK rises

Read Helen Leggatt’s article about how the self-reported data breach incidents are on the rise in United Kingdom on Biz Report : All organizations will have a legal duty to notify data protection authorities of certain data breaches they experience once the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect next May. In the […]

Majority of UK businesses expect a data breach this year

Following the fallout from last week’s WannaCry ransomware attack, fears of a major security breach have hit a new high in the UK. Data from SailPoint’s 2017 Market Pulse survey claims 60 per cent of UK businesses expect a data breach in the coming year. Almost a third (29 per cent) expect the breach to happen […]

UK firms sleepwalking into cyber attack chaos

With the world still reeling from the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12th May, new research from Lockton, the world’s largest global independent insurance broker, today reveals the stark extent to which UK businesses are failing to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat of cyber attacks, with just 8% checking for hacking activity daily. […]

‘Sizable Proportion’ Of U.K. Businesses Have No Formal Approach On Cyber Security

Read why Dina Medland says that a sizable proportion of United Kingdom businesses have no formal approach to cyber security on Forbes : The U.K. government could be forgiven rising levels of frustration when it comes to the approach taken by many businesses on cyber security. Although three in ten (31%) now say it is […]

Half of firms hit by cyber security attack last year

Just under half of all British businesses were victim to at least one cyber security breach last year, according to a government report. The 2017 report, commissioned by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, found that 46 per cent of all businesses discovered at least one cyber security breach in 2016, with the average cost […]