6 Ways to Train Your Employees to Prevent Cyberattacks

Read Juan Martinez’s explain how companies can train their employees in cyber security on PC Mag : Keeping your company safe from a cyberattack isn’t as simple as implementing endpoint protection software. You’ll want to train each and every employee to know what to look for before, during, and after work each day. Things such […]

Cybersecurity requires more than ‘one and done’ training

Anthony P. Schoenberg is a partner in the law firm Farella Braun+Martel LLP, which was founded in 1962 and has offices in San Francisco and Napa. He is a co-founder of the firm’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Team and helps clients mitigate the significant risks presented by cyberthreats. He also works with clients to investigate suspected […]

Five tips to help execute an employee training program

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of data breaches is employee training. This is particularly important during the fall “back to business” season when many employees are returning to the office after a well-deserved summer break, according to Shred-it. Read the five tips to help businesses executive a progressive employee training program […]

What does a security awareness training program need to include?

An effective security awareness training program can make a significant difference in enterprises security. Read Mike O. Villegas discuss what makes a good security awareness program on Tech Target.

Reduce cyber security risks with employee training

Read David Werner’s article on how employee training can reduce cyber risks for a company on Biz Times : Your employees are an important line of defense against a data breach or cyber attack that could lead to financial or reputation loss for your company. Increased investment in employee training can reduce the risk of a […]

Training Philosophy

Read Harlan Carvey explain the philosophy behind his training on Windows Incident Response Blog : I have always felt that everyone, including DFIR analysts, need to take some level of responsibility for their own professional education.  What does this mean?  There are a couple of ways to go about this in any industry; professional reading, attending […]

Ramping up Employee Cyber Security Training in 2016

Read David Lee and Lara Shortz explain how companies should go about providing employee cyber security training in 2016 on JD Supra : In 2015, the hotel industry suffered unprecedented cyber-attacks. In November alone, Hyatt, Starwood and Hilton all fell prey to savvy cyber-thievery. Hyatt confirmed that hackers used malware to collect cardholder names, card […]

When is a breach not a breach?

Cancer research lab LabMD came under fire last month when an employee violated company policies and downloaded P2P software, inadvertently exposing sensitive patient information on a file-sharing network. Fortunately, the breach was detected and shut down before anyone on the outside noticed, and no one accessed the sensitive data. Read about how to increase cyber […]

Cyberpol education is the key solution to fighting any global cyber crime

The CYBERPOL announced a series of training programs that aim to educate both law-enforcement and cyber security officers (CSO). CYBERPOL announced today that it has refined CYBERPOL’s focus arena and will be focusing on three main areas of cyber analytical research namely, Cyber Crime, Cyber threats and Cyber Intelligence CYBINT. Read Cyberpols latest series of […]

Cybersecurity training needed to raise number of skilled workers

The ongoing shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals is hardly a secret, but new research indicates that shortage is getting worse. Cybersecurity skills are in demand; but unfortunately, they are also apparently in short supply. Research firm Enterprise Strategy Group Inc., based in Milford, Mass., conducted a survey of 591 IT and infosec professionals and found […]