Why the cyber security skills gap could mean trouble for your business

Read Ben Lobel’s article about how cyber security skills gap could hurt your business on Small Business : In a global study by Indeed of employer demand for cyber security expertise and the numbers of people searching for such roles, Britain’s cyber security skills gap emerged as the second-worst in the world.The study reveals that […]

Security and Technology Literacy Go Hand in Hand

Read why Lori MacVittie says that security and technology literacy go hand in hand on Trip Wire : ‘Twas just the season when millions of unsuspecting consumers unwittingly courted disaster by gorging their digital appetites on gadgets, gizmos, and whiz bangs that delight kids of all ages with their digital magic. Read her full article here.

Growing sophistication of cyber attacks requires defense and employee training

Read why Robin Roenker says that growing sophistication of cyber attacks requires a good employee training strategy on Lane Report : Details of cybersecurity breaches across government, education and industry sectors made headlines – repeatedly – over the past year, with no signs of slowing down. Yet despite the frequent incidence, 66 percent of companies […]

Cybersecurity gamification: A shortcut to learning

Read Zeljka Zorz’s  article about how gamification of cyber security could help businesses train their staff better on Help Net Security : Cybersecurity awareness trainings are usually a boring affair, so imagine my colleagues’ surprise when I exited the room in which I participated in a demonstration of the Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) game […]

6 Ways to Train Your Employees to Prevent Cyberattacks

Read Juan Martinez’s explain how companies can train their employees in cyber security on PC Mag : Keeping your company safe from a cyberattack isn’t as simple as implementing endpoint protection software. You’ll want to train each and every employee to know what to look for before, during, and after work each day. Things such […]

Cybersecurity requires more than ‘one and done’ training

Anthony P. Schoenberg is a partner in the law firm Farella Braun+Martel LLP, which was founded in 1962 and has offices in San Francisco and Napa. He is a co-founder of the firm’s Privacy and Cybersecurity Team and helps clients mitigate the significant risks presented by cyberthreats. He also works with clients to investigate suspected […]

Five tips to help execute an employee training program

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of data breaches is employee training. This is particularly important during the fall “back to business” season when many employees are returning to the office after a well-deserved summer break, according to Shred-it. Read the five tips to help businesses executive a progressive employee training program […]

What does a security awareness training program need to include?

An effective security awareness training program can make a significant difference in enterprises security. Read Mike O. Villegas discuss what makes a good security awareness program on Tech Target.

Reduce cyber security risks with employee training

Read David Werner’s article on how employee training can reduce cyber risks for a company on Biz Times : Your employees are an important line of defense against a data breach or cyber attack that could lead to financial or reputation loss for your company. Increased investment in employee training can reduce the risk of a […]

Training Philosophy

Read Harlan Carvey explain the philosophy behind his training on Windows Incident Response Blog : I have always felt that everyone, including DFIR analysts, need to take some level of responsibility for their own professional education.  What does this mean?  There are a couple of ways to go about this in any industry; professional reading, attending […]