5 best practices in cybersecurity for businesses

2017 was the year when cyber attacks finally became front-page fodder for Indian news media. It is little surprise that this coincided with the country becoming the second largest smartphone market. Read about the five best practices in cyber security for businesses on Economic Times.

7 Ways to Prevent a Hacking or Phishing Attack on Your Company

Every day it seems like a business experiences a massive and disastrous hacking or phishing attack. If you don’t want to fall victim yourself, here are seven steps you need to take to prevent such a cyber attack. Read about the 7 ways in which your company can prevent a hacking or phishing attack on […]

Top three tips for success from a 14-year-old IoT security entrepreneur

Internet of Things security is a subject known to few, yet affects many. According to Cisco, in about two and a half years, about 20 billion devices will be connected to the ever-changing, intricate web of the IoT. That means that there will be more connected devices than humans, and therefore that the consequences of […]

10 tips for reducing insider security threats

Read Scott Matteson list ten tips for companies to reduce insider security threats on Tech Republic : A report recently released by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology pointed out that most cybersecurity incidents (both intentional and accidental) are the result of some action by insiders. Read his full article here.

Use These 5 Tips from Healthcare Orgs To Grow Your SMB

Read Tommy Wyher’s five tips from healthcare organisations for your small and medium businesses on Business in Savannah : There’s no such thing as looking for inspiration too hard when you’re running a small or a medium business. Every bit of information you can find about how to ensure that your business is growing helps, […]

Top tips to best protect your company from cyber attacks

Read AshFranklin list top tips about how companies can protect themselves from cyber attacks on Lincolnshire Live : Bosses are being urged to make sure their firms are protected against cyber crime in the aftermath of a ransomware attack that brought the NHS to its knees. Cybercrime is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing areas of […]

Tips to Help a Business Avoid Data Breach Litigation

Little else is as stressful for a company than handling the aftermath of a data breach. Not only does the company have the obligation of making notifications to clients about the data breach, but it may also be confronted by data breach lawyers with at least one lawsuit, or even a class action. Read legal […]

3 Tips for Updating an Endpoint Security Strategy

Read Kelly Sheridan list three tips for businesses to update their endpoint security strategy on Dark Reading : There is no one-size-fits-all approach to endpoint security, a space that has become inundated with products competing to solve a problem that has challenged businesses for years. The last three to four years have driven the emergence of new […]

Avoid ‘Doing A BA’: Five Tips To Avoid Website Downtime

This week’s British Airways website crash, lasting around seven hours, may cost the company millions of pounds and certainly inconvenienced customers. According to BA’s 2016 annual report, the airline made £11bn revenue in a year, equating to £31m revenue each day. The website was down for 7 hours total. Read about the five tips to […]

Brennan IT’s five tips to better your cybersecurity strategy

What are the five things that can help protect your organisation from cyber attacks? Brennan IT says that even when attacks are reported, it can take years for legal proceedings to catch up with them. It’s better to be prepared and Brennan IT says that the $6 trillion global cost of cybercrime shows that businesses must […]