Energy Sector Ups Cybersecurity Amid Growing IT Threats

Read Jason Deign’s article about the energy sector is fortifying its cyber defenses amidst emerging cyber threats on Green Tech Media : The energy sector is sharpening its focus on cybersecurity amid growing concerns about IT threats. The digitization of the grid and the proliferation of renewable energy create opportunities for hackers that haven’t been fully explored. […]

Cyber Threats Driving Growth In Cloud Applications

Read why Michael Sheikh says that cyber threats are driving companies to adopt cloud technology on Seeking Alpha : Cyber threats continue to dominate headlines and corporations have grown increasingly reliant on outsourcing their IT needs onto the cloud instead of investing in their own infrastructure and servers. The reasons include that it’s simply not […]

Machine learning in cyber security: The first line of defense against modern threats

Dr. Sven Krasser, Chief Scientist at CrowdStrike, talks to CBR’s Ellie Burns about how machine learning could not only be a vital tool in the fight against modern threats, but also a way to derive more value from data and intelligence. Read the interview with Dr. Sven Krasser of CrowdStrike who explains that machine learning […]

One New Cyber-threat Discovered Every Three Seconds in Q4

McAfee Labs discovered one new cyber-threat every three seconds in the fourth quarter of 2016, although the number of new malware samples including ransomware slowed during the period. Read about the new  McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2017 which reveals that a new cyber threat was discovered every three seconds in quarter 4 or 2016 […]

ESRM: Another Fad or an Enduring Industry Trend?

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is generally thought of as a holistic management style that incorporates proven risk principles with physical security processes in order to successfully mitigate enterprise risk across the board. Read about the panel discussion about whether Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is a passing fad or a new industry trend on Campus […]

4 Ways to Recover from a Cyberattack

More companies are falling victim to cyberattacks, as a wide range of harmful software and social engineering schemes threaten to compromise the personal information and online safety of their clients. With cybercrime rates on the rise every year, it’s important for businesses of all sizes to have a recovery plan in place to mitigate any […]

Do you have a cyber A-team?

Read Jeremy King’s article about why every organisation should have a A-team for any cyber security incident on CSO Online : Only experienced executives can create and improve a risk management, threat mitigation and cyber defense plan. And only people can implement and execute that plan. In a people-process-technology equation, without top talent nothing improves. The […]

How to Tackle Today’s Cybersecurity Threats

Read Murray Newlands’s article about how companies can tackle the current cyber security threats on Alley Watch : If you thought that 2014 was a bad year for data breaches, then brace yourself. 2015 was equally horrific and 2016 was expected to be even worse. Organizations like CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Kaspersky Lab, Hacking Team, LastPass, Anthem, […]

How To Minimize Insider Threats In Cyber Security

Read Marcell Gogan explain how companies can minimize insider threats on Information Security Buzz : Insider threats and the danger they pose are both extremely publicized and well covered topics. Apart from the famous NSA leak by Edward Snowden, there are also strong rumors that several high profile data breaches and leaks of the past […]

Free security tools to support cybersecurity efforts

There are more free information security tools out there than you can highlight with a fist full of whiteboard pointers. While many are trial ware-based enticements designed to lure decision makers to purchase the pricey premium counterparts of these freebies, many are full-blown utilities. Read about the free security tools which can boost your cyber […]