Cybersecurity threat has a wider landscape now: Cisco

Cyber crooks are now casting a wider net, attacking not just PCs and mobile phones but also Internet-connected devices like security cameras or routers, which has “exponentially” increased the risk landscape, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said on Tuesday. Read why Chuck Robbins of Cisco says that cyber security threat has a wider landscape today on […]

RWJBarnabas Health’s CISO on the Changing Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Chief information security officers (CISOs) at healthcare organizations are facing a number of security threats and challenges, including an increase in ransomware and other cyberattacks targeting the information systems at patient care organizations. Read more about Hussein Syed of RWJBarnabas explain his views on the changing cyber security landscape for healthcare sector on Healthcare Informatics.

An increasingly connected world needs hackers more than ever before

Read why Angelo Young says that we need hackers more than ever to deal with today’s threat landscape on Salon : As the world around us becomes more connected to the internet, the number of ways that hackers can infiltrate our lives becomes increasingly multifarious. Today data breaches are taking place in ways that were […]

Cybersecurity of medical devices: The new threat landscape

Karl West believes “medical devices are the new threat landscape.” The CISO at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah, explained that the influx of medical devices into health organizations, often without the knowledge of IT, may be adding to existing security problems. Experts agree that precautions concerning the cybersecurity of medical devices need to be […]

Strategic cybersecurity will stymie ‘expanding threat landscape’

Read why Narinder Purba says that strategic cyber security planning by organisations can stymie the ever growing cyber threats on We Live Security : Companies need to implement strategic cybersecurity processes to stay better protected against the increasing threat of cyberattacks, a new survey has suggested. Cisco’s recent Annual Cybersecurity Report highlighted that over one-third of […]

Scouting The Cyberbreach Landscape

When is more of something too much? When is growth something that is not so good? Train your eye on cybersecurity and data breaches, and more is certainly something no firm wants to experience. And yet, hope cannot trump experience here. Read Eric Hodge of CyberScout take a look at the current cyber threat landscape on […]

Cybersecurity Now and In the Future – Our Shared Responsibility

Read John N. Stewart take a look at the present and future cyber security landscape on Cisco Blog : October is Cyber Security Awareness Month when participating governments and private industry jointly sponsor advocacy campaigns to promote awareness and ensure that every person around the world has the proper information and resources to be safer and […]