5 mobile security threats you should take seriously in 2018

Mobile security is at the top of every company’s worry list these days — and for good reason: Nearly all workers now routinely access corporate data from smartphones, and that means keeping sensitive info out of the wrong hands is an increasingly intricate puzzle. The stakes, suffice it to say, are higher than ever: The […]

New Spider ransomware threatens to delete your files if you don’t pay within 96 hours

A new form of ransomware has emerged and is being distributed through malicious Office documents, infecting victims with file-encrypting malware. Uncovered by researchers at Netskope, the ‘Spider Virus’ ransomware campaign was first detected on December 10 and is ongoing. Like many ransomware schemes, the attack begins with malicious emails to potential victims. The email subjects and […]

Android vulnerability allows attackers to modify apps without affecting their signatures

Among the many Android vulnerabilities patched by Google this December is one that allows attackers to modify apps without affecting their signatures. The vulnerability (CVE-2017-13156) can be exploited to replace any kind of app, even a system app, without the user noticing anything or Android preventing the installation. Read more about the Android vulnerability on Help Net […]

The key to success with prevention strategies like remote browser isolation

It is tempting as a security practitioner to think you can prevent every attack. Especially in a people-strapped industry, why wouldn’t you want to? If we could just use technology and prevent attacks, we wouldn’t need that many new security practitioners after all. Prevention is definitely a good strategy, and has prompted much investment from […]

Five key trends to watch in 2018 as cybercriminals continue to innovate

The McAfee Labs 2018 Threats Predictions Report identifies five key trends to watch in 2018. This year’s report focuses on the evolution of ransomware from traditional to new applications, the cybersecurity implications of serverless apps, the consumer privacy implications of corporations monitoring consumers in their own homes, long-term implications of corporations gathering children’s user-generated content, and the […]

Beyond Security Event Feeds: Using Threat Intelligence Strategically

Read Oliver Rochford explain how companies can use threat intelligence strategically on Infosec Magazine : Threat Intelligence (TI) has become a must-have weapon in the cybersecurity professionals arsenal, with a huge variety of TI sources available, from open source feeds to specialized commercial service providers. Read his full article here.

Looking Beyond Your Four Walls: Periphery Threat Intelligence

Read Josh Fu’s article about how periphery threat intelligence can help businesses in their cyber security strategy on Infosec Magazine: It is more important than ever to incorporate threat intelligence into your security practice. However, there are many different types of threat intelligence, each with their own merits and uses; the specific type of threat […]

Considerations for developing a cyber threat intelligence team

Read  Robert M. Lee’s article about what organisations consider before deploying a threat intelligence team on Tech Target : Malware is an adversary’s tool, yet the real threat is the human one. Cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering flexible and persistent human threats with empowered and trained human defenders. Read his full article here.

How information sharing in security and intelligence can benefit your organization

Read Chris Camacho explain how threat exchange and threat intelligence can benefit any organisation on CSO Online : Throughout my career in security and intelligence, I’ve come to recognize that information sharing is, in many ways, like activities like exercise or flossing. We all know we should be doing it—regularly, properly, and with expert guidance, that is—but […]

Using Threat Intelligence to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity

While 84 percent of organizations consider threat intelligence “essential to a strong security posture,” entities admit that the large amount of threat data and a lack of staff expertise lower their threat program effectiveness, according to a recent Anomali and Ponemon study. Read about the new Anomali and Ponemon study which reveals that 80 percent of […]