Considerations for developing a cyber threat intelligence team

Read  Robert M. Lee’s article about what organisations consider before deploying a threat intelligence team on Tech Target : Malware is an adversary’s tool, yet the real threat is the human one. Cyber threat intelligence focuses on countering flexible and persistent human threats with empowered and trained human defenders. Read his full article here.

How information sharing in security and intelligence can benefit your organization

Read Chris Camacho explain how threat exchange and threat intelligence can benefit any organisation on CSO Online : Throughout my career in security and intelligence, I’ve come to recognize that information sharing is, in many ways, like activities like exercise or flossing. We all know we should be doing it—regularly, properly, and with expert guidance, that is—but […]

Using Threat Intelligence to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity

While 84 percent of organizations consider threat intelligence “essential to a strong security posture,” entities admit that the large amount of threat data and a lack of staff expertise lower their threat program effectiveness, according to a recent Anomali and Ponemon study. Read about the new study by Ponemon Institute which reveals that 84 percent […]

Key elements of a secure, sensitive information sharing strategy

Read Jonathan Yaron explain the key elements of cyber security information exchange strategy on Help Net Security : It’s been said, data is like the new oil. What does this mean exactly? Like oil, data is a commodity. But unlike oil, the value of data isn’t susceptible to supply and demand. Data is always in demand. […]

Threat Hunting: The What, Why and Who?

Read Rishi Bhargava’s article about threat hunting on Infosec Magazine : Three things are required before an adversary can be considered a threat: opportunity, intent and capability to cause harm. No cybersecurity system is impenetrable or capable of recognizing or stopping every potential threat. Read his full article here.

10 Ways to Fight Advanced Malware With Threat Intelligence Sharing

Read Christian Falco list 10 ways to fight advanced malware with threat intelligence sharing on Security Intelligence : Last month, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of the IBM X-Force Exchange (XFE). During that week, the threat intelligence sharing platform reached a record spike in traffic as users flocked to the site to stay up to date […]

Threat Intelligence: A New Frontier in Cybersecurity

Read Patrick Donegan’s article about why threat intelligence is the new frontier of cyber security on Light Reading : In military strategy and tactics surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence have always played a critical role in developing a winning strategy. Knowing the enemy’s historical as well as current capabilities and tactics, and gaining insight into how they […]

Getting threat intelligence right

Read why Aaron Tan says that companies need to get their threat intelligence strategy right on Computer Weekly : When shoppers went about their usual routine at two malls in the heart of Singapore on 20 May, they were greeted with an unexpected message that popped up on the stores’ digital directories. Read his full […]

How a Common Language for Cyber Threats Boosts Security

Read why Steve Kirk says that having a common cyber security language can boost threat cooperation between companies on Next Gov : Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency, and government agencies are under constant attack. This nonstop assault is facilitated by the rapidly growing complexity of today’s networks. Cloud-based services, internet-of-things devices, bring-your-own-device programs and wireless […]

Threat Intelligence in the Age of Cyber Warfare

Read  Eli Ben Meir’s article about the importance of threat intelligence on Security Intelligence : The cyber age has brought incalculable advantages to modern life. The world is connected and accessible like never before. But like all technological advances, there is a dark side to this progress: Quite simply, the cyber age is revolutionizing warfare. […]